How We're Different

How Our Websites Are Different

It's not just business with us. We love your website, probably more than you do. It's both our expertise and passion.

Enough to build and maintain it right. Enough to write better original web software, just for our subscribers and clients. Wouldn't you rather have a service provider with that much expertise and passion?

Here are some specific ways we're different from other web professionals:

  1. Tired of Waiting? Our web pages load faster than those of any other provider, and therefore are more engaging to your audience, and may increase your Google ranking.
  2. Perfection: With many years' experience, we have already made all our mistakes and discovered best practices, and now create perfect websites.
  3. Best of Both Worlds: Even though priced to compete with do-it-yourself “solutions”, our websites are hand-crafted by web professionals, and therefore higher in quality, resulting in higher ranking (via the Google Panda algorithm, which measures quality).
  4. Service: We never leave our website subscribers (web development clients) to do it yourself—instead, we do it for you! Still, the finished product represents you: In the process of building a website, we provide plenty of decision-making support so that you can make more preference decisions, resulting in a website that lets your unique character shine through, which you'll be happier with for a longer time to come.
  5. User Experience: Due to our knowledge of user psychology and web standards users find familiar, our websites result in a more responsive audience.
  6. Customizable: Due to our engineering skill, we are more capable of making inexpensive functional customizations without increasing page load time.
  7. Impact: We proofread, edit, and format your English-language content while building your website for perfect polish, resulting in a more compelling read. (Other languages are no problem, but you'll do your own proofreading.)

How Our Training & Support is Different

We can help you with courteous and patient Information Technology support services—including training, tech support, troubleshooting, decision-making support, strategic planning, web marketing, website maintenance, or what have you.

We will empower you to make successful fully-informed decisions at each step of the way by supporting your decision-making process. In some cases, this may include discussing the pros and cons of each option.

Or to make it simpler: just tell us your immediate goal (not strategy), and we'll make a recommendation about how best to reach it.

There is a common myth that everyone should be a computer (or web) expert. Some people feel pressured or shamed for not meeting that unreasonable expectation. Banish the thought! We are each specialists in our own unique fields. To expect everyone to be a specialist in the same field is simply nonsense.

We will never “talk down to you”; rather we will recognize you as an expert in your field. We know information technology, web development, web marketing, user experience, and other web-related areas. But we don't know your industry or your customers—you do! You are the expert in your field. Together, we'll make a great team.

Please contact us regarding your questions or concerns, or to place your order.
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