About Trillium Zoom-Free Page Layouts

There are several page layouts associated with Trillium Content Management System and Trillium Online Appointment Scheduling service, which employ our unique zoom-free technology. Each layout is designed for a specific viewport width. First, the viewport width of the viewing device is detected; then the appropriate layout is applied to the requested page; and finally the page is sent to the device that requested it.

Simulating Larger Displays: To simulate desktop displays larger than yours, maximize your browser window, then zoom out using “Ctrl-minus”. If the page doesn't automatically reload, press F5 or click “Refresh”.
Changes in the orientation of a mobile device will automatically trigger a redetection of the viewport width and a reload of the page. A change in the width of the browser window on a desktop or laptop computer will have a similar effect. In this way, the width of a desktop or laptop browser can be varied to simulate other viewports, which makes browser windows occupying only part of your desktop screen more useful.

The range of page layouts available to a given website which employs Trillium Zoom-Free CMS depends upon the service packages ordered by the client/subscriber when the website was built. The layout numbers represent viewport width, measured in CSS pixels, at 100% zoom. The layouts are:

Last updated 3/22/2016