Best Shopping Cart Webware

As most shopping carts are not mobile friendly, it is not an exaggeration to say that ours is the best available for small businesses in the United States. While most of our original webware is global in scope, this product is limited to American website owners.

It is intended for shopping websites that sell tangible products to be shipped, with a shipping origin point within the 48 contiguous United States, plus Alaska and the District of Columbia.

Trillium Shopping Cart can be installed as an integral part of a new shopping website; or as an add-on to an existing one. It is mobile friendly and feature rich. Zooming and horizontal scrolling are not required in portrait orientation on popular smart phones (but are required in landscape orientation). As with all Trillium webware, the user experience is simple and elegant both for you and your customers.

CCSZ Service

Sales tax management for online stores is not as simple as it once was. Online stores can no longer charge just one flat sales tax rate on all orders being shipped to destinations within their own state, omitting tax elsewhere. There are thousands of state and local taxing agencies in the United States, and they are all clamoring for their cut of growing online sales. Despite a tax reform movement lead by state governments, there is not yet any nationwide standardization in sales tax collection rules, nor any online support services to enable collection of uniform nationwide sales taxes accessible to small businesses.

So the prevailing sales tax rule practicable for small businesses is the one set by the US Supreme Court in 1992, “Quill vs. North Dakota”. (Please see your CPA or tax attorney for details.) Our shopping cart provides full support for sales tax collection and remittance under “Quill vs. North Dakota” rules, making collection and remittance of sales taxes as easy for you and your customers as it can be, while ensuring compliance with these complex rules.

Your primary “nexus” is your shipping warehouse or point of origin. Additionally, if you have “nexus” elsewhere (which could mean a home, vacation home, second warehouse, etc.), these taxing agencies may place liens against your properties for failure to collect sales taxes in secondary localities, too. Even if you have only one nexus, you still don't collect city and county sales taxes from customers across the state (only in your own locality), so it's appropriate to keep track of each taxing agency separately for both collection and remittance purposes, which—after initial configuration—our webware does for you automatically.

Keeping track of localities this way, however, requires an accurate database of every city, county, and zip code in the country. Databases of this type require maintenance, because new cities and zip codes come into being every month. Pay a one-time lifetime CCSZ licensing fee, and you do not have to maintain any database; yet you and your customers will benefit when other Trillium clients and their customers report new cities and zip codes. Your CCSZ license helps cover the costs of maintaining the centralized Trillium city/county/state/zip database.

Complete, Reliable, and Feature Rich

The Trillium Shopping Cart is built using the same solid engineering and attention to detail as all our products. It is complete and feature rich, including all the features and benefits shown below.

Please contact us regarding your questions or concerns, or to place your order.

Features and Benefits

AJAXLess waiting during page loads
Authorize.Net supportReceive payments using almost any credit card merchant account
Automatic image sizing on uploadLess image pre-processing is required
Automatic part number assignmentOptionally generate automatic part numbers, less work for you
Batch shipping supportShipping becomes much easier and faster, even as your order volume grows
BBcode formatting supportYou can easily enter attractive and compelling product descriptions
Comparison shopping feedsStay competitive using comparison shopping feeds, supported via SQL
Custom skinningYour shopping cart's appearance matches the appearance of your main website for a seamless customer experience
Customer testimonialsReceive testimonials from satisfied customers and feature them in product descriptions, increasing your sales
Featured products, on-sale productsEasily manage special product groups as categories with discounts for each
Free domestic ground shippingEncourage customers to buy more using a minimum threshold for free shipping
Real time worldwide shipping calculationNever let shipping costs eat into your profits by making sure shipping costs are always accurately calculated and adequately met
Gift certificate supportSell and redeem gift certificates automatically, increasing your sales by tapping into the gift market
Gift wrapping, notesMake it easier for your customer to give gifts, and they will respond via repeat sales
Gift registryEnable your customers with a special occasion to use your store as their gift registry, increasing sales
Hazmat supportProtect yourself from legal and environmental consequences while broadening your product line
Inventory controlMake reordering easier for mass-produced products, avoid overselling unique one of a kind items
Keyword searchCustomers can quickly and easily find what they're looking for, increasing sales
Log-in freeNo customer log-in is required, increasing customer convenience and sales
Member-only productsLegally sell restricted-access products such as prescription medicines
Military postal address supportAccurate shipping and handling even for unusual addresses, increasing customer satisfaction
Mobile friendlyOffering more convenience means increasing sales, not losing sales to larger competitors
Mod-rewrite supportGet your product pages ranked as highly as possible in search engine results. (Also called “SEO URL's”.)
Multiple images per productMultiple images with enlargements mean increasing customer confidence and sales
Multiple security access levelsEnable your staff to do exactly what they need to do, reduce risk by preventing inappropriate access
PCI DSS exemptAvoid high PCI DSS compliance certification costs, be exempt by handling payments smarter
PayPal supportReceive payments using the most popular payment service of it's kind
Product import automationWhere a large product base already exists, automation makes it cheaper to bring your new store online
Product export automationUse the SQL query browser to export for comparison shopping feeds or to produce reports of any kind
Product ratingsEnable your customers to rate the products they purchased, increasing socially-driven sales
Promo (coupon) codesOffer special pricing incentives for product categories or customer groups
Quill vs. North Dakota sales tax supportEasily maintain compliance with sales tax rules, even if you have nexus in multiple localities
Special order supportConvenience in handling special ordered items, reduced overhead while broadening product selection
SQL query browserAny data reporting or data manipulation feature not already built in can still be handled using SQL queries
Target delivery datesCustomer service and shipping staff will be able to easily support realistic expectations, increasing customer satisfaction
Tax payments with one clickMinimize your labor while remitting collected sales taxes to your taxing agencies
Tell a friendEnable social product referrals, increasing sales
Variants supportNot necessary to create a unique part number for each color, etc. This makes defining products easier for some online stores
Wish list supportEnable customers to record their favorite products they plan to buy later, increasing sales
Web API for POS systemsExpand into a brick-and-mortar store and maintain inventory control
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