Trillium Zoom-Free CMS

Poor mobile support requires both zooming and scrolling, which creates an awkward user experience.

What is CMS?

Content Management Systems (CMS) enable website owners to directly modify their own content without having to learn complex technologies, and without having to contact a web professional for routine content changes.

They support division of labor by dividing content from technology somewhat. (They also respond to HTTP requests by delivering the pages of your website in a layout appropriate to the web visitor's viewing device.)

Overview of Our CMS

Trillium Zoom-Free CMS is the best content management system for small businesses and non-profits—easy yet sophisticated. It offers easier administration, stronger security, and better mobile support than Wordpress (a popular but inferior CMS system). It employs responsive mobile technology, so there is only one version of web content for editors to maintain. Version 4.2 is demonstrated on this website; soon to be upgraded to v5.0.

Better mobile support may solve scrolling problems, but still require zooming (and otherwise display text too small to read).

Unique Features

It results in faster page loads than any other CMS system, which helps keep your audience engaged, and may improve your Google ranking. It offers optimal mobile-friendly web pages to retain your important mobile audience.

Zooming and horizontal scrolling are never required when viewing web pages, and text is always large enough to read easily without zooming, regardless of the orientation of the viewing device, creating a user experience of easier navigation and less eye strain.

It reliably detects all popular smart phones, tablets, and browsers, and automatically serves the appropriate layout, so your audience never struggles to view your content. It supports larger layouts on desktop computers. Its mobile simulator helps content editors test appearance of web pages on popular mobile devices, even ones they don't have.

The best mobile support, such as Trillium Zoom-Free CMS offers, eliminates zooming, scrolling, and font-size problems, resulting in easier navigation and less eye strain.

Additional Features

Trillium Zoom-Free CMS is fully customizable, in case custom functional features are required. It supports Open Graph meta tags for improved sharing of your pages on Facebook.

It includes uploading, automatic resizing, and management of images and other auxiliary files for a comprehensive and easy content editing experience. It has a built-in event calendar compatible with Microsoft Excel.

It supports three editing modes: HTML (most robust), WYSIWYG (most visual), and BBcode (best balance of easy editing and polished results). It includes an “undo last edit” feature, helping save you from mistakes during editing.

Please contact us regarding your questions or concerns, or to place your order.
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