Web Marketing Makes the Difference

Your business merits what it takes to succeed. Have you invested sufficient marketing resources (strategy, effort, talent, and/or money)?

There are two common pitfalls for small business owners with regard to web marketing. Through awareness, you can avoid them:

  1. Don't underestimate what it takes for successful web marketing, thinking that search engine optimization by itself (or even less) is enough. “If you build it, they will come” is only a myth—albeit a persistent one. You will probably have to advertise, too.

  2. Don't try to write web content or ad copy without having first clearly identified your core marketing messages (which requires awareness of your audience's thoughts and feelings about your product or service). You can't effectively stimulate a response in them without doing so.

The vast majority of small business owners must have a solid marketing plan in order to succeed—especially those that sell tangible products via an online shopping cart—and are likely to fail otherwise. A website, by itself, is only part of that plan. We invite you to consider investing well in web marketing for your business through appropriate resources applied to all seven steps:

Web Marketing Steps That Are Usually Necessary for Success we will help
always only if asked
1 Know your target demographic.    
2 Know how they think and feel about your product or service (before they know you).    
3 Identify core messages that appeal to their thoughts and feelings about your product or service.  
4 Express those core messages in a way that stimulates a response (via website, business card, Facebook, graphic layouts, etc.)  
5 Attract relevant traffic to your website, possibly via various forms of advertising, so that your carefully-crafted messages get proper exposure.  
6 When a prospect contacts you, put them at ease, and demonstrate how you have the solution they need.    
7 After you've made the sale, make sure you deliver well, for positive reviews and repeat business.    

Our Best Work Depends on Yours

These steps depend upon one another sequentially. If the earlier steps are not completed well, then the later ones cannot be, either. If steps 4 and 5 are not completed well, you may have few prospects contacting you, and accordingly, less opportunities to (6) close the sale, despite being ready to (7) deliver the best possible product or service at the best price. But where all the steps are completed well, your small business is more likely to thrive.

Where We Can (and Can't) Help You

Let us support your success! Assuming we're building a website for you, we will always help with step 4—more expertly than other web service providers, and much more so than do-it-yourselfers. But we'll only help with steps 3 and 5 if you ask us to, for you are the decision maker for your business.

Have you considered Social networking? Facebook advertising? Search engine optimization? (Included with our Platinum package.) Google advertising? On-site blogging? An email mailing list? Paid listings with industry-specific agencies? Print advertising? We have experience with all of these. Call on us where you need help.

Steps 1, 2, 6, and 7 are up to you or your other team members—we can't help you there.

Where Marketing is Concerned, You Are in the Driver's Seat

Your marketing, sales, and delivery adventure will be uniquely yours. We hope you'll invest well in web marketing for your business, because when you succeed, it reflects well on us. Your way of doing it will determine your success; and only you can decide that. We stand ready to offer competent support—as much or as little as you may require.

Please contact us regarding your questions, or to arrange a web marketing consultation.
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