Website Subscription Service Packages

Is it Possible to Get Professional Full Service at Do-It-Yourself Prices?

Here's a secret about websites that you should know: You know those big companies like GoDaddy, Weebly, and Wix that offer do-it-yourself “solutions” for a monthly subscription fee (sometimes also called “website rental”)?

They may actually charge as much as a professional web developer would charge for full service!

How Can That Be?

It works that way because monthly subscription fees add up over time. Over the four-to-six year life of your website, a subscription fee of, say, $250 down and $16 per month could add up to $1,402.

You can easily get a full-service professionally hand-crafted website for that price (depending on features); with dramatically higher quality and impact, less work, less risk, and more support.

Higher quality results in higher ranking (via the Google Panda algorithm, which measures quality). Higher impact means a more responsive audience.

Subscription websites only appear cheaper due to financing magic. They're easier to pay for, but not really cheaper. Would you be interested in that same financing magic, but with full service? That's what we offer.

Plus, our web pages load faster than those of any other provider; and fast-loading pages mean a more engaged audience.

What's Included

All packages include support for mobile devices (Android and Apple smartphones and tablets). They all employ responsive web technology, such that content editors have only one copy of content to maintain. All packages include web hosting, as well as initial proofreading,* editing, and formatting.

* Assumes your website is written in English. Other languages are no problem, but you would do your own proofreading.

They all include the unique and friendly Trillium Zoom-Free CMS, creating a user experience of easier navigation and less eye strain, and enabling you to edit your content yourself after website planning and construction are complete. (Or contact us for full-service content editing anytime.)

downpayment $250 $250 $350
subscription fee FREE (NA) $16 ($24) per mo. $32 ($48) per mo.
rebate $250 (NA) $150 ($0) $150 ($0)
30-month total cost FREE $580 $1160
web page design choose “template” choose “template” custom designed by a pro
search engine registration registration optimization
tech support add'l. charge included included
planning & construction should take 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks
rebate forfeited after 5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks
pages included 5 10 15
supportive images included 0 3 5
hosting storage included 50MB 200MB unlimited
event calendar included
standard desktop support included
better desktop support included  
email spam protection included  
site search included  
custom 404 page included  
social sharing buttons included  
qr codes on contact page included  
image gallery/slideshow included  
audio/video support included  
online appt scheduling support available  
blogging support available  
pay-per-download support available  
eTicketing support available  
shopping cart support available    
email matching your domain included    
high-resolution browser icons included    

Collaborative Teamwork Makes Quality, Low Prices, & Rebates Possible

High quality, low price, and payment of rebate require prompt collaborative teamwork, where each member of the team does what they do best, and are most experienced with. You know your industry and your customers. We know websites, web marketing, user experience, and related matters. The perfect website for your business requires that everyone contribute their best.

This kind of teamwork requires you to (1) understand in advance and fully exploit our areas of expertise, and (2) either accept our recommendations about matters within our own areas of expertise so you don't have to bother learning them, or accept coaching so that you can make an informed executive decision in those areas (does not include preference choices).

On the other hand, if you're just interested in directing the work despite inexperience, then quality goes down, prices go up, and rebates are forfeited; because—without collaborative teamwork—perfect websites at a low cost are not possible.

Available Add-Ons

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web Marketing Consultation
  • Full-Service Content Editing (if you prefer we do it for you)
  • Website Administration Training (required for blogging, eTicketing, and shopping cart; recommended for CMS; not necessary for online appointment scheduling, image gallery, or pay-per-download)
  • Logo Development (must have logo before website)
  • Business Card Layout to Match (it pays to keep a unified branding image)
  • Business Facebook Page to Match (most small businesses—especially those who plan to advertise on Facebook—should have a Facebook presence)
  • Professional Writing (doesn't apply if you do it yourself)

Available Add-Ons (Qualified Subscribers Only)

  • Better Desktop Support (silver subscribers only, already included for gold and platinum subscribers)
  • Email Spam Protection (silver subscribers only, already included for gold and platinum subscribers)
  • Online Appointment Scheduling (gold or platinum subscribers only)
  • Blogging Subsystem (gold or platinum subscribers only, administration training required)
  • Pay-per-Download Subsystem (gold or platinum subscribers only)
  • eTicketing Subsystem (gold or platinum subscribers only, administration training required)
  • Shopping Cart Subsystem (platinum subscribers only, administration training required, web marketing consultation recommended)
  • New “Template” (first time is included as shown above, this redo is recommended every 4 to 5 years, gold subscribers only)
  • New Pro Custom Design (first time is included as shown above, this redo is recommended every 4 to 5 years, platinum subscribers only)
  • Search Engine Reoptimization (first time is included as shown above, this redo is recommended every 3 to 4 years, platinum subscribers only)

The “Fine Print”

  • Participation is Required: Website planning and construction projects are participative. They require on average 10 minutes per day of your time, during the planning and construction phase, as you make preference decisions and write your own content. We will discuss, and you will make, a variety of preference decisions, so that your website properly represents you and serves your business goals (even though someone else is building it for you). We reserve the right to select our subscribers, based on synergy and non-profit mission, where applicable.

  • Procrastinating Means Forfeiting Your Rebate. Once a project begins, we never procrastinate, and you shouldn't either; because it impairs quality and drives up costs. Rebates are paid when website planning/construction is complete; but forfeited if you procrastinate on preference decisions or content writing for two weeks or more; so start the project when you have time to participate. (In the case of the Silver Package, procrastination may also mean forfeiting your website.) This gives you “skin in the game”, which helps ensure quality and success (or defrays additional costs caused by long delays).

  • The Silver Package, a $400 value, is for new clients who own an established small business or represent a non-profit organization. (Sorry, it's not for commercial start-ups or private individuals representing themselves.) The participative website planning and construction project for this package normally takes three weeks, though client delays can extend this period significantly. The $200 downpayment for your Silver website is accepted only via check, money order, Western Union, or Bitcoin. (Since no contract is required, we don't accept credit cards or PayPal for this purpose.) Call us to verify eligibility and schedule the planning and construction of your Silver website before sending the downpayment. Silver websites are subject to tasteful on-screen advertisements of up to 0.07 megapixels in area, located at the bottom and/or in the side margins of each web page. How big is that?

  • The Gold and Platinum Packages require a 30-month term and signed agreement. After the term expires, continue your subscription on a month-to-month basis to keep the website operating. Platinum subscriptions are billed monthly via credit card; gold subscriptions every other month. In the case of commercial start-ups or private individuals representing themselves (as opposed to established small businesses) or international subscribers, we reserve the right—at our option—to require subscription fees for the full 30-month term be paid in advance.

  • Domain Name Registration is required for all websites; but is not included in the pricing shown above. Yours may be obtained from Trillium or a third-party registrar. (See details.)

Please contact us regarding your questions or concerns, or to place your order.
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