Choose Your Web Browser Well

All Trillium-built public-facing web pages are designed to display well using all major web browsers (those that have significant market share). However, those users who uncritically accept the default browser that comes preinstalled on their computer or device may not be enjoying the best user experience; so it makes sense to choose your browser intentionally.

Choose a Major Web Browser for Reliability

Currently the major web browsers (based on their market share) are Chrome (65% of the market), Safari (11%), Firefox (7%), and Edge (4%). Due to trivial market share, all other web browsers should be considered untested/unreliable (because most websites are not tested with browsers that have trivial market share).

Which Browsers We Recommend, and Why

Edge generally doesn't comply with standards well. Chrome may make you re-enter form fields or lose editing work, and may be questionable in terms of privacy and censorship. Safari is fairly good, but not as good as Firefox.

For the most consistent rendering across platforms, best standards compliance, best reliability, and strongest open-source (democratic transparent) ethics of any major browser, we recommend Firefox for all platforms.
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