What it Takes to Build the Perfect Website: Success Requires Planning

Planning ahead makes all the difference. But how can you plan and deliver a perfect website without solid experience? Learning as you go means making costly marketing mistakes.

Professional web development means having a solid marketing plan, including a perfect website with no mistakes. Did you know websites that are poorly done may incur search engine ranking penalties that can undo your marketing efforts? You can't afford to do it yourself!

Do what you do well, and let us do what we do well. That's teamwork. If you don't relish thinking ahead, then let us do some of it for you. After many years of experience, here are the necessary steps that we've found can lead to a perfect website and a successful web presence.

We disclose them here in advance because some of the steps are yours before we even meet; and your advance overview can facilitate our later collaboration.

Steps in Your Web Marketing Plan

  1. Know your target demographic and your unique strengths as an organization.
  2. Know how they think and feel about your product or service (before they know you).
  3. Identify core messages that both appeal to their thoughts and feelings about your product or service, and communicate your unique strengths.
  4. Express those core messages in a way that stimulates a response (via website, business card, Facebook, graphic layouts, etc.)
  5. Attract relevant traffic to your website, through advertising/promotion, so that your carefully-crafted messages get proper exposure.
  6. When a prospect contacts you, put them at ease, and demonstrate that you have the solution they need.
  7. After you've made the sale, make sure you deliver well for positive reviews and repeat business.

We're here to help you with steps 3 - 5. The other steps will make or break your business; you've got them.

Steps in Planning Your Perfect Website

Let's have a phone conference and brainstorm together at no charge to formulate a plan regarding:

  1. What your business goals are, especially as related to your web presence;
  2. Who your primary web audience is;
  3. How we can reach out to that audience to increase your exposure;
  4. How we can enhance your connection with them or tap their buying impulse in real time via web technology (for example, a friendly order-entry system);
  5. How much you want to spend on your web presence;
  6. Which specific website features would serve your goals and be fun and affordable for you;
  7. Based on all of this, we'll offer you a unique custom-tailored proposal to consider.

Steps in Delivering Your Perfect Website

If you approve our proposal...

  1. We'll interview you to determine core marketing messages and website content;
  2. We'll create a content outline, and define your page set and menu tabs based on the interview;
  3. We'll develop a new logo or accept your existing logo (must be digital and good quality);
  4. We'll create graphic designs around your logo (web page design, Facebook page, and business card);
  5. We'll write and proofread content based on the content outline, and select supportive images;
  6. We'll build a responsive website using the web page design, written content, and supportive images you approved;
  7. We'll train you to administer your website, or administer it for you; and finally
  8. We'll advertise/promote your perfect new website as planned.

Success requires planning. Planning well requires experience. Collaborate with an experienced web developer for success in creating your perfect website.

Please contact us regarding any questions, to place an order, or to discuss building your perfect website together.
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