What Clients Say About Us

All of the following quotes are unsolicited comments from our clients. We're very pleased that so many of our clients are so completely satisfied with our products and services. It's fun to serve.

Substantiation Available

Out of respect for our clients' privacy, we do not publish their full names on this page. Since many of their comments quoted below are extravagant, it may seem too good to be true; however, they really did make each and every one of these comments. With frequent responses like these, there is no temptation to exaggerate. We will provide substantiation upon request regarding the quotes below to any prospective client who asks. Thank you.

Wow, I am impressed....Great job, Mack....I am bowled over. It is f*g beautiful....I appreciate your patience....so cool...I am deeply grateful, Mack. It all looks amazing....love it....you are a rock star....Thank you for the extra work, Mack. Everything looks so good. It feels like I am a mother looking at her newborn. Much gratitude....You are very thorough....I so appreciate your swiftness....Thanks, Mack. I could not be in better hands....you are the best at what you do....Your help the other day was monumental. Thank you for your understanding and professionalism....I am extremely impressed. It is beautiful....Thanks, Mack. You have been exemplary with me all these years. I so appreciate your support.—G.Wi.

We are delighted with how user-friendly the website is....You are such a treasure!...Thank you very much for your diligence and assistance....Thanks for saving me some money....Mack, Perfect. You are a godsend! Thank you.—J.V.

I cannot thank you enough for the efforts you have made to get this logon....You know, you are just a superhero!...Again, thank you so much!—L.G.

I had a moment to look at the design and working pages, looks great, I am very pleased....I'm so happy I could skip! Truthfully we are so thankful for the online appointment scheduling module, it has increased revenue thus far by 25%. As well the convenience it offers for clients, it's a time saver for practitioners....I am finding it to be very easy navigating my way around the new module; it's clean, clear and simple and will prove to be an excellent support for client relations, thank you....Thank you Mack—you are the best!...Big YES!!!! Visually this represents who we are and the culture we are creating here, I am thrilled with it!! The layout is clear, straightforward, inviting, playful, feminine, and perfectly suits what is needed. Mack thank you so much, I am so glad I 'finally' responded to your nudges to freshen up my website....Everything looks great and I appreciate your good work....Thank you again for the extra time spent on perfecting!...I am currently working with Mack at Trillium Digital Arts, and I am thrilled with the collaborative progress we are making on the update of my business website....Thank you Mack for your response, you are always so thorough and helpful.—C.A.

Thank you for the helpful tips....Thank you and it is has been a real pleasure to work with you and your services.—D.H.

By the way, your method is working beautifully. I have received inquiries from interested parties in Portland and other areas who found us on the web after our new website was launched by using key search terms and words. Please know that your expertise, sincere efforts, and many hours of work are greatly appreciated....I can confirm that we, as an organization, have received numerous compliments on our website, the latest being our newly contracted grant writer, who is very pleased with the look, and says it will make his job easier. Thank you Mack, for your obvious professionalism and passion for what we do. I also want to express my personal appreciation for the great amount of time you have extended to me over the phone as I stumble through the processes of blogging, administering our Facebook page, and on and on. Again, thank you for your service, your kindness, and your patience. I am recommending you to everyone I know who requires the web expertise and insight you bring to the table....Thank you so much for jumping right on this. Your herculean efforts over the last two/three days are greatly appreciated!...Thanks for your thoughtfulness and diligence around this issue (and others!); the mark of a true professional and a person of integrity, in my judgment.—W.K.

I really like the way our project is progressing. It's well organized and proceeding one thoughtful step at a time. I'm sure the results will be much better than we could ever do on our own....Thank you for your effort. I am truly grateful that we've teamed up for this project....Your work and profes­sion­alism are great. I know our website will really reflect who we are and what we want to portray once it's done....I love what you've done....Mack, you have done a beautiful job creating our website and adding those little “details” we never would have thought of. Frankly, it's exciting to finally see it take shape after all the months we spent thrashing around trying to do it ourselves...lesson learned....I am so thankful that we teamed up with you rather than some “paint and trim” web designer....I consider your services one of the best investments [my company] has ever made....The BBcode works just fine. It has enough versatility to allow me to do what I want without being overly complex....It's reassuring to know you're in the wings, ready to help....I completed our third [job] from our website yesterday. Your fine work has already paid for itself.—R.Gr.

I've got to tell you, you are really talented. This is great. I am so excited and happy with your work. You are fabulous. This is beautiful. I am just so excited. Thank you, thank you....Good job as usual....Thank you for your hard work and quality work.—P.D.

Thank you so much, Mack. Clearly, there is a lot more involved in web design than I know. I/we appreciate the extra effort! And, I love the website. Thank you all for all your hard work!...Thanks for all your hard work! The website looks amazing.—K.F.

Great. It's looking awesome. Can't wait to see it all once we've populated all the subsystems with data....Thank you so much for all the effort you've put into this project. I know you've gone beyond the call of duty, and even while offering such a generous discount. The website is really so great for us, and is going to be a game changer, I think. I'm glad to have worked with you thus far, and happy that I approached you about it....Enormous gratitude to you, Mack. The product you've given us is amazing!—B.E.

You are awesome, Mack. Thanks for taking care of such details, and for bringing such a high professional standard to the project!...Thank you for such good work!...[D.] just saw the site for the first time and likes it—she has all manner of praise for the images/​quotes/​navigability/​cleanness/​font etc. Thanks, Mack, for all your hard work!...You do excellent work!...You are awesome. I mean like totally!—K.K.

The work to this point is wonderful by the way. I am overwhelmed with how this is turning out. You are remarkable and I look forward to referring you to anyone who needs a website....You are a gem....I am very excited about the website, it has come together beyond my expectation. Your registering me with search engines is wonderful, thank you. You have been fantastic with this whole process—better than a bartender or hairdresser!...The site looks fantastic, I am very happy.—L.O.

Thanks for a wonderful job with the website....I have received a lot compliments on your work. Keep up the fine work. With appreciation, D.M.

I love this!...this is great. Love the efficient page/menu design also. Excellent work!—R.G.

You get high marks for reliability and accuracy....You've been instrumental in the execution of this [project] and also in helping me manage my stress levels.—C.L.

It's lovely, thank you. I really like it....Wow! I love it! I love the colours, and the layout. You have done a wonderful job! Well done....I think it is absolutely fantastic.—B.M.

Mack was very responsive and did an excellent job in creating my website!—D.Bo.

I think you have done an awesome job so far on the website. It looks wonderful.—S.T.

It's so sweet of you to make sure everything is working out. Thanks for everything you have done. I may contact you next week about...Mack was very prompt in delivering service and kept me updated. He gave me a lot of useful advice on setting up a website and was helpful all the way. He went above and beyond what was agreed upon. Very impressed....Thanks for your advice, you are wonderful.—G.S.

All is looking great. I love your layout of the control panel, so easy to understand....Well done sir!...Genius! Lookin so good man!...You da man Mack!...Hey man, so this is just looking fabulous, beautiful, beyond all expectations. You've done an amazing job, I feel so fortunate to be working with you....Awesome Mack! Thanks a mil, glad we were able to knock this project out together. Many more to come!...That looks amazing Mack, thanks.—D.Go.

Your work is amazing. Thank you.—L.A.V.

Thanks for all your work Mack. You - Are - The - Best.—M.T.

Everything looks great! Thank you for all of your work....I have gotten a lot of great feedback about the website. Thank you and great job!...I want to thank you for your professionalism and integrity. I have been very pleasedthat you have answered my questions and requests always with my best interests at heart.Your work on our website has always been prompt and first class.—A.T.

This looks great, Mack. I'm quite happy with it....Brilliant! That's going above and beyond the call of duty....LOL! That's great. Nice work Mack....Wanted to let you know I met with MVW today to train him on [Trillium software]. He was beyond pleased with the site. I can't remember the last time I had a client so utterly satisfied with a final product. Great work!...Thanks again for all your hard work.—E.W.

Today I showed D.R. the newly designed site; first the desktop version and then the mobile version on my iPhone. D.R. is very happy with the look, feel and the layout of the pages. She loves the Starry Night background and wants to leave it just as you designed it. I went into some explanation of how the amount of the Starry Night would vary between devices and monitors but she is so very happy with this aspect she didn't really care about these details. She just repeated she loves this design (more than several times) and don't change it because she is so impressed with what you've done and so very happy and excited that she can't wait to get the new site up and running. Good job, I'd say you've got a very happy customer!—R.R.

I appreciate your patience and intent on my best interests. I also wanted to let you know that I printed out my first order summary & packing lists and it was an awesome experience! so much easier!—K.S.

I think that was...wonderfully written, to the point...I find your patience and clarity admirable...You always have acted in the best interests of [our organization]—going the extra mile and always doing your best—[my coworker] and I would talk about how you are the bomb.—S.S.

You did such a beautiful job updating the format on the website. Thank you so much. I see what you mean...it makes quite a difference....I feel grateful....You have been one of [our non-profit organization's] biggest contributors because of your generous help with our website design and upkeep from the very beginning. Keeping your prices extremely affordable has allowed our public “cyberface” to look as substantial as we feel and to have the quality that we seek to offer to the youth who we touch....Thank you very much for taking care of this for us. You continue to be a wonderful support for [our non-profit organization]. I pass your name on from time to time for people looking for a website resource.—L.L.

Personally, I love it! for a donation page. It says Partnership. Support. It takes all of us and it's for everyone....Mack, the website looks great and is all very exciting!—D.B.

Wonderful work on the website; I love it.—T.M.

Thanks Mack, I finally took the time to sit down and really look at the page, site, as a whole. I am really impressed. I liked all that I saw.—F.G.

Looks great. The whole thing looks great. Thanks.—M.R.

...I am impressed with your work and how things have been flowing...the back and forth and the little tweaks that we wanted, you seem to be able to roll with this quite well, which makes a huge difference for us! In fact, the flow is going so well that we are building momentum toward continual development and that is wonderful! If nothing else, I wanted to express gratitude for your work and the progress we are making...Mack, you by far exceed the performance of anyone we've had working for us on our website to date! Thanks so much!...You've been a big part of our success. Having those notices go up quickly has made a big difference....you rock!—G.Wh.

Thanks so much Mack. You are incredibly helpful.—M.L.

The page layout looks really, really good. The colors are great. The whole layout seems very crisp and uncluttered. I think it's a winner.—T.S.

First let us share how truly grateful we are for having your support in the venture and in our lives. The site is wonderful!...we love and trust the work you're doing and appreciate your support...thank you so very much...you are awesome!—C.P.

Everything looks beautiful, I am very happy...I just love the web pages.—M.Mc.

Thanks, Mack, excellent work as usual.—M.Mi.

I am most fortunate to have you on my side....You are most welcome. And, it is the least I can do, after all your work making my site so beautiful.—V.H.

It's Wonderful! Thank you....You do fantastic work.—M.L.

I love my website! Thank you so much for your work.—J.A.

The website is fantastic. It looks very nice! You did an outstanding work! I am very pleased. I have a friend who might contact you to do a website for her....—L.J.

Success! I was successful in changing text for page titles, headings and body text, including spacing. Your interface is so intuitive that even though I haven't been on [Trillium software] recently, I was buzzing right along with page modifications....Now that I have this cool tool [Trillium CMS], I can correct mistakes on the fly!...How carefully you have crafted a tool that is truly helpful....The PDF viewer is really elegant. AF was impressed as well....This is the best PDF presentation I've encountered on the net.—N.H. (on different projects, over a period of years)

I'm used to GoLive....[Trillium software] is definitely easy to use, and I think I could train someone quickly to do the job of uploading new materials and creating new pages....L. and C. were very excited about learning [Trillium software] and being able to create a website. They understood the logic immediately.—S.D.

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